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5 Best Classic Flash Games You Need To Play

The death of Flash is near, Just in about 2 and a half years, Adobe Flash will be no more, and all the games it has supported will stop functioning. If you thought the dreaded Y2K was scary or perhaps the 2012 Mayan Calendar hooplah was enough, think about this very real December 31st, 2020 doomsday, as not-wished-for-day for all Flash game lovers.! But wait a minute, let’s not be so hasty here. Until the day will come we still have plenty of time to enjoy our favorite games. Moreover, we can even collect a whole new bunch of new flash games that we have never even heard before. For instance, why take a look at the selection of the online casinos packed up with lucrative flash game options? These online slot machines are not only fun, but they can get you life-changing winnings, just to make you feel better about saying goodbye to your Flash favorites. Or else, if you’ve never done before, try now some of the biggest hits of this game-type, that the worlds have ever seen. Here are the 5 best Flash games you must play before it’s all over....

supermarioSuper Mario 63

If you couldn't afford the console for Super Mario 64, then this the free and simplistic yet endearing game for you. Super Mario 63 was made as a copy of the glorious Super Mario riddled with the same adventure tune where players push and jump their way through the 2D world of Mario, jumping through hoops, scurrying through deserts and beating odds to find and reclaim the fabled Shine Sprites and rescue the iconic Princess Peach. It features a simplistic control which is founded on the stereotypical arrow keys and the Z, X, and C buttons although this can prove difficult while using extra peripherals such as the flying cap. The game features other elements from past Mario titles, most notably is the water jetpack from Super Mario.

Age of War

The Age of war is a chronological game in which you begin in the prehistoric age of cavemen and dinosaurs fighting your way with clubs and stones and comets on command and then moves you to the ancient, the middle ages and then the modern age. Each era is characterized by change in weapons to reflect the times. The game maintains a simplistic design and players are expected to defend their base, organize their troops to fight enemy and eliminate enemy forces. With every win, money is gained and experience are gained as expected.

Rogue Soul

The Rogue Soul throws the player into the role of a ninja in a hood called Rogue Soul, a miscreant who believes he is uncatchable and elusive. However he has an able match in rival bandit Borin Hood who got all the plaudits a spite that Rogue Soul cannot take. He is therefore on mission to redeem his name and reclaim his himself to reclaim his title. A game full of adventure where players will jump and slide through odds uncaught and fight with local militia and gain bonuses as they rampage through the city.

Frog Fractions

The Frog Fractions by Jim Crawford is an adventure field unpredictable game that starts with a frog whose mission is to use its tongue to prevent swarms of insects including swarms of butterflies and mosquitoes, from devouring a fruit with its elastic-like tongue. Players will have to make upgrades buying more effective tongues, resilient fruits and other paraphernalia to accomplish their mission as they move through the levels.

Warfare 1917

This is a World War game which goes back in time and focuses its two-part campaign on British and German hostilities in the trench wars of the World War I. The Warfare 1917 is a straightforward strategy game that garnered more than 300000 votes on ArmorGames. The game requires players to use infantry, armor, and fire support to gain a strategic foothold from which to overthrow the enemy. The infantry features rifleman and machine gunners, along with huge artillery, siege tanks, and chemical weapons. It gets harder as players push through the levels even with the added bonus abilities gained through in-game experience points. It features a custom battle mode, in case you want to define the rules of engagement yourself.

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