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Look at these classic pc games for mobile

We all love to playing games on our PC, since they made our childhood more fun and carefree. With technology development, many of these PC games changed their appearance, but the playing rules and new versions of the games promise same fun you had before. It wasn’t long after that when mobile phones (you know the old flip phone kind) that you could play similar PC games like Tetris or Snake. These days the smartphone has replaced all that with bigger screens- HD graphics and are more popular than ever. Go figure that most of these classic PC games are adjusted to the smartphone audience. Let's see which of these PC games are made for true gamers.

Alpine Racer

alpine-racer-logoDo you remember Alpine Racer, the old school game? The rule was to be a ski skater who skates down the iced hills and trying to avoid some hurdles on your way. You collect points with avoiding these hurdles during the best time to achieve the finish line. Good news for the Alpine Racer lovers is that they can download almost same version of this game on Apple or Android OS devices.


Do you remember the old device used only for a one game — Tetris? This was one of the most popular classic game many kids and teenagers played for the whole days. New kind of the Tetris available is both for IOS and Android phones or tablets. The new version has an updated graphic design, look a little bit modern. Rules and general appearance didn't change too much. Gathering and matching the geometrical shapes into a proper place was the simple rule of this game. Of course, you need a very fast finger for that. Classy, but still interesting to many gamers.

Dragon's Lair

This classic game has a fairy tale moments where the knight is fighting against evil Dragon to save Princess Daphne. The brave knight is using all his power have to kill the Dragon, so he can live happily ever after. It is good to have the new version of this PC game on our mobile devices. You can install this game on every smartphone.


This was such a popular PC game since the 80's. An updated version has a modern visual and it's adjusted for smartphones and tablets. Game rules and aim of this game is the same — Your frog needs to go across the river or road avoiding trouble hurdles on their way. You are lucky if your frog wasn't hurt during the game. Try it out and see if you are successful in this game again!

Civilization Revolution

This was one of the most favorite PC games in the 90s. This is PC game with lots of thinking, making plans and strategies. Do you know how much patience you invested in this strategies? Nowadays, modified versions of this game, Civilization Revolution have the same rules, but the appearance is adjusted to the smart mobile phones, and for the Android and iOS as well. Download it and try it again? Who knows? This could be your fun time after work.

Experts say that most of these games- if played moderately, have a positive influence on our brain cells. Some of them are an excellent brain games and keep from forgetting things from our “to do" list. Another research has sighted that average play time of these forms of games- helps some people to ‘switch-off’ in order to ease stress or worry. The good thing is that playing these games really can entertain you.

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