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The Weirdest Instant Play PC Games You'll Want To Play

Whether your aim is to kill productivity, while away the hours, or simply enjoy some quirky down-time, instant play PC games are always a good bet. So why waste your time with space-consuming installations or expensive game cards when there's a plethora of weird, uncomplicated games just waiting for your perusal? We've combed geek forums and nerdy news sites to find the cream of the crop. Here are some delightful oddballs you're guaranteed to enjoy:

Mond Cards

If your idea of a good time is to sit down to play an intense card came with an eyeless gambler, you're in luck. If you beat him, you can gain your heart's desire. If you lose, consider yourself this blind weirdo’s newest pet. With a distracting Cthulu and elephant man hovering in the background, it's fairly certain that this is a fate worse than death. So, you'd better keep your cards close to your chest. It gets even weirder when you realize that you haven't the faintest idea how to play “Mond’- and Mr. Eyeless couldn't care less, since he's not about to teach you either...

humanoid-47Humanoid 47

The graphics in this game are the very first clue that you're heading off into a technicolor nightmare. You play the main character, creatively named “Humanoid 47", the terrifying end result of one mad scientist's barbaric experimentation. While your goal may be simple, your journey is not. Freedom is your prize but the price is high. The only way to escape the laboratory is to harvest the components of your fellow cyborgs, solving some puzzles along the way. This game is by no means a gorefest but if you have an imagination, there's more than enough room to feel squeamish. Once you've made it through, you'll find yourself wondering whether you've become the ultimate villain in your bid to escape.

Escape Goat

The name is pretty self-explanatory. In this ditzy retro throwback, you play a purple goat that's been imprisoned for witchcraft. In and of itself, it's a premise that's weird enough to deserve a second look. You'll feel like you've climbed into a 1980’s time machine as you navigate a series of single-screen puzzles. Your aim is to prance around, looking for an exit, whilst triggering switches that move the prison walls. You won't be lonely in this game either - which makes your prison sentence a little more enjoyable. Your best friend here is a fuzzy little hamster and you can zap yourself right to him by using your nifty teleportation hat. Every goat needs a mythical hat; what's so strange about that?

Good Impression

Why would anyone want to simulate the sheer terror you feel when a last-minute cleanup is on the cards? Simple: they're more than a little bizarre. The premise of this game is straightforward, if a little nauseating. Your mother is on her way over and you need to clean up your flat in less than three minutes. Your mum shows up and hands out a report card for cleanliness, no doubt with a side of disappointment when she finds that one unwashed sock lurking behind the sofa cushions.

If you're planning on spending a few hours in your own personal Twilight Zone, these games are a good choice. They're weird enough to leave you wondering if you're at all comfortable, yet entertaining enough to make them a worthy distraction. What is even better is that all these games can be played directly on your smartphone with a direct app download or instant flash play.

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